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Frequently Asked Questions Multi-layer Paint Testing

Q: Why do I need a test?
A: The test/assessment is a means of discharging the responsibilities placed upon building owners by various legislation, such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, to ensure the continuing safety of occupants in the event of fire.
Q: To what premises does it apply?
A: It applies to the communal areas of premises; typically, staircases and corridors of apartment blocks.
Q: When should the test be done?
A: Prior to every redecoration cycle.
Q: How quickly can a test be arranged?
A: Usually within a few days.
Q: How long does the test/assessment take?
A: Depending on size, the site testing and inspection takes about an hour per block. Thereafter, microscopic examination of specimens takes about ten days.
Q: How many specimens are taken?
A: The number will be selected to be fully representative of the risks at the site. Typically, one or two positions will be tested per floor with a minimum of six samples taken per site.
Q: Do identically decorated blocks all need to be tested?
A: Multiple blocks are treated as separate entities unless it is clear that they are uniformly decorated and of similar construction, in which case they will be aggregated for testing purposes.
Q: Will I get a report?
A: A full report will normally be issued within two weeks of the site visit.
Q: What are the possible report conclusions?
A: The report will specify the level of fire risk and recommend one of four possible actions to be taken for each tested surface:- to overcoat with either standard paint, flame-retardant paint or upgrade coatings, or to strip prior to repainting.