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Multi-Layer Paint Testing

Repeated over-painting of walls and ceilings can seriously and adversely affect their fire behaviour by reducing the BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of Flame performance required by Building Regulations from Class 1 to Class 4. This is of particular significance in communal areas, such as staircases and corridors in blocks of flats, where rapid fire spread has resulted in casualties. Arising from this, health and safety advice has been issued to public authorities and others to confirm that multiple coatings of paint, applied during redecoration, will not undermine fire spread performance to the detriment of public safety.

The likely level of risk can be determined by a testing and assessment methodology developed and published in the Department of Environment Research Report No. 39/3/204. This involves visual survey, site testing and laboratory microscopic analysis of representative paint specimens. The results enable expert opinion to be given as to whether the walls/ceilings can be safely over-painted, whether they need special coatings or whether they should be stripped.

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